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What we do

minergate miningThe school day begins with exercise, physiotherapy and yoga; based on the need of the child. The parent is encouraged to assist in physiotherapy. The children are split into groups, according to development level, to enjoy musical games, listen to stories, or learn to read and write. The teaching methods are tailored to each child and are based on the play activities: play-way method.

As part of the holistic approach to developing the children, BUDS School provides the children with:

  • Medical attention: corrective measures to alleviate or cure disability
  • Individual therapy: physical, cognitive, social, vocational, mobility, orientation, and speech therapy and sign language training tailored to the need of the child
  • Education
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  • Nutrition-nutritious meal, milk and snacks
  • Mobility equipments, hearing aids where appropriate
  • Mainstreaming- effort to integrate the child into the community and society
  • Vocational training- to children and mothers

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