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The Learnings

litecoin minergatebuy essaysThe physical and mental challenges, faced by the disabled children, heighten the hardships of poverty in the families and in society. The members of the families feel terribly depressed and pessimistic. Consequently, their creativity is lost. Poverty denies the children opportunity for medical treatment and education. To effectively address this problem, we need to develop holistic approaches in poverty eradication.

The success of BUDS proves that need-based projects designed and implemented on the basis of the felt real needs of the community, will merit high social acceptance, recognition and support.

Another experiential learning is that provided there is strong political will, sincerity and commitment, the PRIs can surmount any obstacles and succeed in their endeavors. The experience from BUDS, additionally, tells us that mobilizing local resources is not a problem in the case of transparently implemented community welfare projects. There are, in our midst, resourceful and generous individuals and institutions, who will rise to the occasion in the face of a challenge like this.

Loving care and encouragement will boost the self-esteem and capacities of the children. Improvement in children will be reflected in improvement in the members of the concerned families.

The BUDS experience teaches us that income generation schemes alone cannot adequately address the issues of rural poverty; we also need to incorporate elements that will eliminate the factors that undermine the creativity of the community.genesis minin