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Venganoor, is an agricultural village, located on the banks of the Vellayani fresh water lake, around 15kms from the State Capital. Venganoor, known all over the world as the birth place of Ayyankali, the great social revolutionary and champion of the cause of the oppressed, has ever remained an underdeveloped village.

The introduction of the democratic decentralization made a real difference in the fate of the village. Realizing the potentials of people-centered development approaches, under the Tenth Five Year Plan, the Panchayath gave priority to poverty reduction projects.

Some of the findings of the socio-economic survey conducted by the Panchayath were shocking. The survey brought out the fact, for the first time, that there were 72 children in the Panchayath area, suffering from physical and mental handicap, who, neglected by everybody, led a life of utter desolation and despair.

The prolonged discussions and deliberations, conducted in the Kudumbasree units, led to the chalking out of a plan for addressing this issue in a sustainable manner. The plan envisaged the setting up of a Rehabilitation Center by the Pancahayath. This innovative program, the first of its kind in India, conceived under the inspiration of Mahatma Gandhi’s adage that social justice and development become a reality only when the last member of the community gets justice, was given the name “BUDS”.

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